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DAVID BOWIE Still here.

A photobook about places of importance to David Bowie where his presence for ever remains.

The book starts with the place where he was born in 1947, and ends with the place in New York where his musical Lazarus was performed. One of his last works before his passing in 2016.

My journey and research started in 2016. The places I photographed are in London, Eskdalemuir, Hérouville, Berlin, Lausanne, Florence and New York.

I’ve tried to sense his presence and capture it. Follow me to all these places, look at the photos and imagine David Bowie (still) being there.

Available March 27, 2023, international online at Amazon and Netherlands and Belgium in bookstores and online. LIMITED EDITION.

EAN/ISBN 978-90-90368-9-2-4

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